School Wellness

Throughout the six (6) counties of RESA 4, the Regional School Wellness Specialist (RSWS) works to develop a Coordinated School-Public Health Partnership. This partnership will build collaboration among community, schools, and county school systems to assist students and staff in achieving healthy lifestyles. This will ultimately increase academic achievement and enhance student success. The Coordinated School-Public Health Program (CSPHP) addresses 8 components of wellness, such as: staff support and wellness promotion; a healthy and safe school environment; family, business, and community involvement; guidance/counseling, psychological, and social services; health services; nutrition services; physical education; and health education. This CSPHP is a collaborative effort supported by the Bureau of Public Health and the West Virginia Department of Education's Office of Child Nutrition and Office of Healthy Schools.

Objectives for the CSPHP include:

Assisting in the in the formation and growth of county wellness teams
Coordinating the expansion of the CSPHP model by bridging the gap between resources and needs
Planning and providing professional development regarding school wellness topics
Coordinating school wellness related policy awareness, accountability, and compliance.
Other services provided by the RSWS network are:

providing Technical Assistance in
Life Skills Training
Electronic Health Data Grant
Kid's First Initiative
Health/PE Academy
Health Education Assessment Project
Fitness Gram Assessment
School Health Profile
School Health Index
Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Youth Tobacco Survey
Safe & Supportive Schools Grant
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Jody LeRose 
Regional School Wellness Specialist
304-872-6440 Ext. 209